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Congratulations from our Board of Directors and our Membership to those obtaining PMP Certification in February 2018

Marwan Alaydi, PMP,CAPM
Ana Claudia Andronescu, P.Eng., PMP
Defne Aynagoz Eralp, PMP
Kalyn Bedford, PMP
Giuliano Caracciolo, PMP
Angelo Centritto, PMP
Amy Charette, PMP
Armando Chocron Arwas, PMP
Frank Crisostimo, PMP
Divij Dabbas, PMP
Cristiana Damianov, PMP
Thiago Eustaquio de Almeida Souza, PMP,CAPM
Katherine Dilk, PMP
Alexey Drobizki, PMP
Andrew J. Duffy, PMP
Tayaz Fakhry, PMP
Robert Hanimyan, PMP
April Hart-Hernandez, PMP
Iuliana Ilie, PMP
Farnaz Jahanarai, PMP
Craig Jamieson, PMP
Jihye Kang, PMP
Khalida Kesury, PMP
Dexter L. King, PMP
Sumanta Kundu, PMP
Zhivan La Borde, PMP
XinMing Lin, PMP
Antonico Macieri, PMP
Brian McLaughlin, PMP
Zorica Minic, PMP
Shameeda Mohammed-Rasool, PMP
Ahmer Nasim, PMP
Xhorxhi Nico, PMP
Sandra Nie, PMP
Alex Noutash, PMP
Ravi Pandey, PMP
Darendra Mark Persaud, PMP
Vincent Rago, PMP
Amrin Rahman, PMP
Shawn Rajah, P.Eng., PMP
Cathy Rumsby, PMP
Claudia Saikali, PMP
Jordan Sampson, PMP
Nazneen Siddiquea, PMP
Filip Stepien, PMP
Kenneth Jeffrey Taylor, PMP
Michael Tessier, PMP,CAPM
Shreedhar Thotapally, Eng.D., PMP
Ameesha Tibrewala, PMP
Pamela Tremblay, PMP
Chu Linh Van, PMP
Darveen Veerabudren, PMP
Xinyi Wang, PMP
Ho Yan Yeung, PMP
Elzbieta Zielinski, PMP


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