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Member of the Month - Duy Tran


About yourself: My mother and I came to Canada when I was still a child, growing up in a new country were challenging as a first-generation immigrant; the language and culture barrier especially. Thankfully we were in Canada, and from our experience, Canadians welcomed us with open arms. Living in Toronto, I learned from a diverse sea of cultures and people. Growing up I was apart of the Sea Cadets program for 7 years, through the program, I learned many leadership and soft skills. I’ve always felt the need to give back to my community, who has inspired me to be a positive reflection of where I grew up, what’s better but to help construct the city’s transit system.

Current Occupation: I am a Surveyor and UAV specialist with Crosslinx Transit Solution working on the Crosstown Eglinton LRT

Experience and Education: Surveying and engineering-related projects are my passion and specialty. I am a young professional that has been working in the transit industry for the past five years, before that, oil, gas and mining while leading project teams of technical experts. I studied at York University, Lassonde School of Engineering in Geomatics Earth Science Engineering, and continued my education at Schulich School of Business in project management. I have my advanced operations and reviewer license to fly remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS/ Drones) in Canada, currently using this technology in the field of construction and engineering. I consult and educate on my free time in drone-related projects. I am a leader of what is called “NextGen” at Crosslinx, which are the NExt GENeration of young professionals connecting and innovating new idea to save on project cost and schedule. I received my PMP certification in the fall of 2018.

PMI Member since2018

Why did I join PMI Toronto ChapterThere isn't much of a story to why I joined, after receiving my PMP certification, its only natural to be part of a community of like-minded professionals. My goal when joining was to meet my new peers and share new ideas. However, the reason why I choose to stick around, and volunteer is because the community is welcoming and very engaging. I can connect with my peers and engage younger generations who are pursuing a career in project management. Being a part of a professional community that is over 5,500 members across several industries has its inherited educational benefits. These are the few reasons I will continue to stay an engaged member of this community.

Why did I do the PMP/CAPM Certification: With a very technical background in engineering, I realized that my skill set was not very diverse in project management. I continued to research the benefits of project management education and realized how receiving additional training and pursuing my PMP would highly complement my technical skills set. Luckily, I had some experience in project management and was working in the construction and engineering field, which heavily relies on project management tools and techniques. Let me tell you; it wasn't as easy as I thought it was.

Greatest learning from PMP/CAPMI studied many online materials, ensuring that I could refer back to the PMBok was helpful; though, being able to work and study at the same time provided me with a very positive learning experience. Linking what I've read to what we do on the project, I could connect and understand each knowledge areas more clearly. What's impressive was all the different industries that incorporate project management, you can take some of the tools and techniques from the other sectors to fit your project better. It's like Legos for professionals! Similar to calculus, it takes daily repetition and practise to really bring the knowledge areas home.    

Work Passions: Workplace socials, Lunch and learns, drones, quality process, NextGen group

Personal Passions: Fishing, paintball, gun range, dogs, outdoor, networking, memes

Something interesting about meI’ve recently picked up target shooting as a past time

Contact informationduyt20@gmail.com



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