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PMI Toronto Member of the Month - Nemanja Davidovic


About my first tryst with Project Management:  I was always interested in project management. When I was a student in my university days, I was a member of the student association and got enrolled in projects that the association managed. I liked the whole project management process- from generating the idea that initiates a project, to the party that closes it. After participating in an Internship Program in a project management office early in my career, I was certain that I wanted to make project management my profession. Every aspect was deeply engaging  - including working in virtual teams with students from other European countries to feeling the excitement and anticipation when the project gets approved, and, finally the sense of pride after the successful closing of a project.  

Current Occupation: Business Analyst at Tourism Toronto

Experience and EducationI am a project manager with over ten years of professional experience in the international development sector, gained from working in Serbia, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Romania, and Croatia. I have consulted and worked for the UN, European Union, Council of Europe, German Development Cooperation Agency (GIZ), national and regional governments, consulting companies, public sector organizations, universities and research centers, local communities, networks, and non-profits. I graduated with a Ph.D. thesis on Learning Organization and Strategic Management at the University of Novi Sad (Serbia). I received my PMP in October 2019.

PMI Member since November 2018

Why did I join the PMI Toronto Chapter: Before moving to Toronto, I was a member of the PMI Serbia Chapter. Joining a local PMI chapter is a natural thing for me, almost one of the must-do things in the relocation process. I like the overall sense of belonging to something great that the PMI Toronto Chapter brings which I have always felt since my first meeting. Membership in PMI became an integral part of my life and a source of inspiration which I get from fellow members.

Why did I do the PMP CertificationAt first, I was not interested to get certified. I felt that I do not need a PMP, since I was already an experienced project manager. However, after meeting several project managers with PMP certification, I was curious and started exploring the benefits of PMP certification. I decided to do the PMP certification because of the whole process- it is not just a simple exam; it is a journey! Personal growth and development that comes along that journey are the reasons why I did PMP.

Greatest learning from PMPThe greatest learning from PMP was broadening my view of project management. Focusing mostly on international development projects, I have neglected the fact that project management is a skill that is industry and sector independent. Learning about different approaches, tools, and techniques, I gained new knowledge that is transferable to any environment and that I can apply in real-life situations.

Work Passions: Project Management, Result Based Management, Theory of Change

Personal Passions: Hiking, cycling, and skiing (order depends on the season)

Something interesting about meMy name is pronounced Nemanya.

Contact informationnemanja.r.davidovic@gmail.com





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