Mentoring Matches

Can I continue my current mentor/mentee relationship for a second term?

Due to the limited number of spots available, all interested must reapply to participate in the program. If the mentor/mentee relationship continues outside the program, a PMP should review his or her mentor/mentee activities to establish if additional PDUs can be claimed under the 'Giving Back' category.

How will the mentor/mentee pairs be chosen?

Mentor/Mentee pairs are chosen on a best match match basis with priorities on industry, location proximity and mentoring/timing preferences. All information and resume content is also taken into account, but there may be slight variations depending on the size of the applicant pool available.

What if I don’t get a match?

You will be put on a waiting list in case somebody drops from the program or, if this does not happen, you will need to reapply for the next available cohort.

How many mentees will be assigned to a mentor?

Our plan is that one mentee will be assigned per mentor, but in some cases, a mentor with extensive experience within our program will be assigned more than one mentee.

What if my mentor/mentee and I don’t get along?

It is expected that both mentors & mentees will put forth their best efforts to create a positive relationship. If these efforts are unsuccessful contact the Mentoring Coordinator.

Why do you need my resume?

Best practices indicate that a good match is part of a successful mentoring program. The more information we have regarding the background of participants, the better the match. As part of the matching process, the Mentoring Coordinator will review the resumes of both the mentor and mentee.

Will my resume be treated as confidential?

Your resume will initially only be seen by the Mentoring Coordinator.  Once paired, and mentor and mentee have signed the Mentor/Mentee Participation Agreement (which includes a confidentiality clause) only then will your resume be shared with your matched mentor/mentee. In any case, your resume will be viewed by the Mentoring Coordinator and your match ONLY.

Do I still need to re-send my resume if I have already joined the program previously?

Some people think we already have their old resume in our database, therefore they don't need to send again.

Yes, your most updated resume is requested for a better matching result.

Further Information?

Please send an email to and a Career Accelerator Team member will contact you shortly.