Mentorship: Empowering Your Future

Are you currently seeking a promotion or searching for the next step in your career?  Maybe you are pivoting to an entirely new industry and looking for help in your transition

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, the Career Accelerator Program might be for you!

An intense, outcomes-focused program, the Career Accelerator Program helps mentees to achieve a specific career goal in a short period of time.

The Career Accelerator Program

is now accepting applications

How to Apply

About the Career Accelerator Program

The Career Accelerator Program is an accelerated mentorship experience, designed to help Mentees meet a targeted career goal over a short, yet impactful, sprint. For Mentors, the Career Accelerator Program offers a rewarding opportunity to support a PMI Toronto member toward a specific career goal and boost their own leadership skills. 

The program duration is three months and matches a seasoned Mentor to a Mentee based on industry experience and common agendas.  

Some important requirements are

  • A 2-hour mandatory Introduction Workshop and Training
  • Mentors and Mentees will be required to complete nine (9) hours each of face-to-face mentoring.  

Given the current pandemic situation, both requirements will be conducted through virtual platforms.

Even though this program is accelerated, both parties develop and enhance their project management knowledge and offer a one-on-one relationship that is long-lasting. 

The Career Accelerator Program holds the privacy of both Mentor/Mentee in the strictest confidence, and anything discussed during the program remains confidential between both parties. 

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There are clear benefits to being a Mentor and a Mentee with the Career Accelerator Program. 


As a Mentee, you will bring forward a specific career goal (e.g., to land your next role, obtain a promotion or break into a new industry) and work with your Mentor to create a game plan to accomplish your goal within a set timeframe

Depending on your specific goal, your Mentor can help you to:

  • Focus on and sequence key steps toward achieving your goal
  • Help you grow your network and personal brand
  • Understand any knowledge or skills needed to enter a new industry or role and provide suggestions for filling any gaps, and
  • Provide key insights on succeeding in your role, once you get there. 

While the Career Accelerator Program is short-term, the program may also set the foundation for a longer-term relationship between the Mentor and Mentee


Mentors, if you are looking to make a big impact within a short period of time, then the Career Accelerator Program is the right fit for you.

 Mentors gain the opportunity to:

  • Further, develop your leadership skills by working with different learning and communication styles to support your Mentee toward their goals
  • Build a meaningful professional relationship with your Mentee that does not have to end at 3 months but can continue on in a less formalized setting 
  • Advance your project management knowledge and learn through the skills and experiences of your Mentee, expanding your worldview to reflect different industries, cultures, values and ideas
  • Give back to your community through volunteering your time and knowledge, which is rewarding in itself!



Earn PDUs

Mentorship can empower you to make a difference in your life and the lives of others. On top of that, Mentors and Mentees can each earn PDUs towards their recertification.

Both the Mentor and Mentee can each earn up to 15 PDUs to use toward their PMP or CAPM certification requirements. The workshop and training session provided will explain how each Mentor/Mentee can earn and claim their PDUs.

Now is the time to be in the driver's seat of your career, take the next step!  

Further Information?

Please send an email and a Career Accelerator Team member will contact you shortly.