One of the defining characteristics of Greater Toronto Area is diversity: of industries, of ethnicities, of occupations, of everything. And the project managers working and living in GTA reflect the same diversity, which leads to extremely varied needs, interests and preferences for their professional life.

In catering to such diverse interests, PMI Toronto provides a variety of programs and services to deliver value for its members. Many of these events are delivered by Toronto communities – SIGs, Branch and Students Sections – responding to the specific interests of the groups they represent.


  • Business Analysis: The new Project Business Analysis Community website is now up and running! This is one of many ways we are hoping to connect with our members interested in the topic of business analysis within the realm of projects. Please check frequently for new articles and event information. Please also share with us any business analysis topics you are interested in.


  • Construction Community (CC): Established in 2016, this community was formed to become a leading source of innovative training, education, information, and views as they relate to project and program leadership in the Construction Industry. We are the first Construction Community to be formed in Canada and we look forward to providing our members with learning, knowledge sharing and networking opportunities across the ICI and Residential sectors in Project Management as it relates to the Construction Industry. We encourage our members working in related areas to attend our up coming events.


  • Government Community: Launched in December 2014, our vision is to promote awareness, knowledge sharing and best practices in Public Sector Project Management.

    Learn – Highlight the unique challenges faced in Public Sector projects such as: Non-Financial Benefits, Multiple Stakeholders, Formal Processes, Megaprojects and Navigating the Political Environment

    Connect – Network and Exchange Information with other like-minded professions in Government Project Management

    Grow – Discover ways to continuously grow in your career in the Public Sector


  • Greater Toronto Information Systems Branch: Established in 1999 as a strategic collaboration between Toronto and the Information Systems Special Interest Group (ISSIG), the Greater Toronto Information Systems Branch (GTIS Branch) is the first local interest group formed by both organizations. During its 10 years of activity GTIS Branch established itself as the preferred professional forum for project managers working in Information Systems/Information Technology (IS/IT) in Greater Toronto Area by delivering in a cost effective manner quality services and products specifically targeted for this specific group of professionals.


  • Healthcare Branch: Established in 2006 as a joint initiative between Toronto and Healthcare Specific Interest Group (HSIG) to provide relevant networking and educational opportunities for Healthcare Profession through dissemination of PMI concepts & methods to local healthcare organizations in the Greater Toronto Area such as MOHLTC, hospitals, LHINs, CCACs etc. Healthcare Branch acts as a focal point and provide leadership for Healthcare PM in the GTA to enable effective deployment of healthcare resources by advancing professional project management practices through PMI concepts & methods in the Greater Toronto Area.

  • Marketing Services Community (MSC)Created in 2014, this community was formed to become a leading source of innovative training, education, information, and views as they relate to project and program leadership in Marketing Services.  MSC intends to further the evolution of Project Management by fostering agility, flexibility, leadership, collaboration and fun; qualities that are all pivotal to the Marketing Services culture.


  • Northern Ontario Community: Established in 2015, the NOC is a community providing opportunities to obtain PDU’s and to network with individuals interested in project management.  The programs will include seminars, presentations and an annual event to be delivered by volunteers with a view to advancing project management. All individuals with an interest in Project Management are welcomed to join this community for sharing PM knowledge, development and advancement.  We are looking for communities and organizations that would be interested in supporting our group by making presentations at our monthly meetings. Our Linkedin page is via Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesdays of the month at 6:15 pm.


  • PMO Branch: Established in July 2003, the Program Management Office Local Interest Group (PMO Branch) was founded as a strategic initiative of the Toronto and the PMO Specific Interest Group (PMOSIG). PMO Branch is the Greater Toronto Area's local interest group for professionals with an interest in setting up and operating a project management office, providing a forum to share ideas, knowledge, and experiences in the best practices of PMOs.

  • Students Sections: Toronto is actively working with Ryerson, Centennial, George Brown, Humber, Seneca and Sheridan to build student sections to provide specific services to students enrolled in project management courses at these institutions, to complement their formal education and provide them with relevant networking opportunities.

  • York-Simcoe Branch: Established in 2006 by the Toronto in order to provide services and networking opportunities for Toronto members living and working in the York-Simcoe region. Its mission is to become the Project Management organization of choice by providing the greatest value to current and prospective members and delivering quality services and products in a cost effective manner for professionals and residents geographically located in the York region / Simcoe County area.