About Us

Established in 2016, this community was formed to become a leading source of innovative training, education, information, and views as they relate to project and program leadership in the Construction Industry. We are the first Construction Community to be formed in Canada and we look forward to providing our members with learning, knowledge sharing and networking opportunities across the ICI and Residential sectors in Project Management as it relates to the Construction Industry. We encourage our members working in related areas to attend our upcoming events.


  • Establish a Construction Community that will bring together construction professionals under PMI Toronto
  • Promoting the Construction Community within the PMI members in Toronto to grow membership in PMI Toronto
  • Determine the needs of our members and develop a Forum to address these needs – knowledge sharing, networking, skills development, etc.
  • Create an operating framework to promote communications, marketing and voluntary services 


  • Awareness & Networking Opportunities within PMI
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Best Practices and Innovation in Project Management

How to Join

On behalf of the PMI Toronto Chapter – Welcome.  If you are a member, thank you for your commitment to this association. If you are not currently an active member with us, I would like to invite you to join PMI Toronto Chapter and our community by attending our events. Follow PMI Toronto on social media and sign up for the Weekly Scope Newsletter to be notified of upcoming events.

  • Join the PMI Association
  • Become a member of the Toronto Chapter
  • Select the Construction Community

Learning and Knowledge Sharing

We volunteer our time and our mandate is to provide “you” our members the following:

  • Learning Opportunities to advance your careers;
  • Build a Knowledgebase of Best Practices, that can be shared within our industry;
  • Provide Networking Opportunities for our members to enhance their careers.

Contact Us

Please forward your suggestions for the PMI-Toronto Construction Community to info@pmitoronto.ca.