About Us

The integrity of the Project Management profession in Design and Construction is dependent on leadership from the Project Management Institute (PMI) and its close affiliate, the Construction Community in Ontario, Canada. 

Following a desire from industry partners to amalgamate and create a forum for collaborating and expressing new ideas, the foundations of the community were firmly cast.

The Construction Community was established in 2016; being the very first and only construction focused community to be formed in Canada. 

The founding members began with design and construction interests, and this community pledges to present and support forward-thinking initiatives in Canada to pass on a positive legacy.


The Construction Community advocates for boundless interests, continuous education, desired improvements, best practices advancement, pursuit of opportunity, and expansive engagement across the Industrial, Commercial, Institutional (ICI), and Residential sectors.

Objectives and Goals

  • Lead the design and construction industry with ideological growth in the Project Management profession by use of structured framework
  • Inform Project Management professionals of relevant political, social, economic, environmental, and business developments that affect the industry
  • Promote the Project Management profession and the adherence to presiding laws and ethics
  • Promote employment interest in the Project Management profession that helps stimulate community involvement and encourage diverse populations to take interest in the profession
  • Communicate the importance of the Project Management profession to private and public sectors by liaising with all industries
  • Provide learning opportunities through collaborations that enable Project Managers to maintain practice competency in the design and construction industry.
  • Guide academic interest in the Project Management profession by partaking in mentoring programs and empowering young professionals


  • Promote tangible organizational value
  • Promote best practices in the design and construction field
  • Promote ethical competency in all interactions
  • Promote sustainable means within the industry
  • Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion

Contact Us

For more information on the Construction Community, please contact us at info@pmitoronto.ca.