Established in 2016, this community was formed to become a leading source of innovative training, education, information, and views as they relate to project and program leadership in the Construction Industry. We are the first Construction Community to be formed in Canada and we look forward to providing our members with learning, knowledge sharing and networking opportunities across the ICI and Residential sectors in Project Management as it relates to the Construction Industry. We encourage our members working in related areas to attend our upcoming events.


  • To establish a Construction Community that will bring awareness of leading issues and technologies that is shaping the Construction Industry.
  •  Provide our members with opportunities to enhance their careers and a venue where they can meet like-minded people.


  •  Awareness & Networking Opportunities within PMI
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Best Practices and Innovation in Project Management

Who we are

  •  Chairman of the PMI Construction Community - Brian D’Souza
  • Vice Chair – Serafim Mangas
  • Secretary – Ehi Ibazebo
  • Marketing Lead – Saba Owji
  • Communication Lead – Gar Lui

Future plans