How much Time is required for the mentor?

The mentor will spend minimum 9 hours with the mentee. This can be face to face or over the phone. Additional mentor time may be required to follow up on suggestions or information provided by the mentee.


How much Time is required for the mentee?

The mentee will spend minimum 9 hours with the mentor. This can be face to face or over the phone. Additional time may be required to follow up on suggestions or information etc. as a result of these meetings.


How long is the program?

The mentor/mentee relationship will last 3 months. If you wish to continue in the formal mentoring program at the end of this period you must re-apply.


Who is eligible to be a mentee?

PMI TORONTO members in good standing. Typically a mentee is somebody employed as or seeking the role of a project manager, program manager, project coordinator, or project scheduler and is looking to advance own career. Applicants must attend the mandatory training meeting to be eligible to participate in the program.


What is mentoring?

Mentoring is the act of helping someone to improve their project management skills. Mentors are facilitators and catalysts in a process of discovery and insight. In a learning partnership, the mentor’s role is to “guide on the side” rather than “the expert with the answers”. Instead of being mentor driven, with the mentor taking full responsibility for the mentee’s learning, the mentee learns to share responsibility for the learning, setting priorities, learning, and resources, and becomes increasingly self-directed.


Are only professionals from specific industries allowed to participate?

All industries are welcome.

How Do I apply to the program?

All PMI Toronto members were emailed the following information on how to participate in the program. These steps apply to both Mentors and Mentees



  1. Read FAQs
  1. Update Resume
  1. Complete online application and submit resume thru web site

    when registration is open.

(Note Login as a member then, Members Services > Mentoring Area)

  1. Application registration closes Saturday, August 24, 2019
  1. Notification on mentor-mentee match by Saturday, August 31, 2019.
  1. Pay participation fee of $50 + HST to Chapter offices by Friday, September 13, 2019 (Note a link to the payment page will be sent to successful applicants by Monday, September 9, 2019
  1. Attend the mandatory training day, Saturday, September 14, 2019 at 10 am.  Arrive by 9:30 am for registration.


Who is eligible to be a mentor?

PMI TORONTO members in good standing.  Typically a mentor will:

  • Be considered a senior project manager by his/her peers
  • Have 7+ years of experience as a project manager or project related roles
  • Have a PMP designation
  • Knows/understands the Canadian project management job market and career development process


What meeting are scheduled for the program?

The training , the mid program meeting and the final meeting (lesson learned).

Why is there a training session?

Best practices indicate a successful mentoring program is based on:

i) a good mentor/mentee match 

ii) a training session to provide guidelines and set-up expectations for mentors and mentees.


PDUs and Contact Hours

As a PMP how many PDUs (Professional Development Units) will I earn?

Both the Mentor and/or Mentee, if they are a PMP, can each earn PDUs as follows:




Current Structure

New Structure






Training Session











Mentoring for 3 months





@ 3 hours per month








Status Meeting at the midterm











Closure Meeting











Total PDU's for the Program























  • The maximum PDUs for the actual mentoring are 9. The minimum PDUs that can me earned for this program is 11 for mentoring  meetings and the mandatory training
  • ** At least 1 PDU is defined as 1 hour of face to face or phone conversation between the mentor and mentee. *EMAIL conversation is not considered eligible for PDU’s.
  • *** Other PMI sessions or other training activities will not be eligible for mentoring PDU’s.
  • **** The closure program is a face to face meeting to celebrate learnings and redefine the mentoring relationship.



I am working on obtaining my PMP designation, can I claim mentoring as part of the required 35 contact hours of Project Management Education towards my PMP qualifications?

No. Unfortunately, mentoring programs do not qualify for the 35 contact hour requirement.  This portion of the PMP Certification examination application is specifically focused on structured learning programs addressing specific PM knowledge areas exemplified by a classroom setting. A classroom setting specifically focuses this portion of the PMP Certification examination application on structured learning programs addressing specific PM knowledge areas exemplified.

If I obtain a PMP status during the mentoring program, will I be eligible for PDU’s?

Due to the short duration of the program PDU’s will be available to participants who have a PMP designation at the start of the program.

How will the Mentoring PDUs be tracked and awarded?

At the mentoring training session, tracking forms will be distributed and their usage explained. Each mentor /mentee will submit their tracking forms to the mentoring coordinator for verification. PDU’s will be awarded at the END of the program. Note that mentor or mentee must still submit their PDU’s to PMI as per normal PMI procedures to claim your PDU’s.

How do I get my PDU’s?

Upon completion of the mentoring program and receipt of your certificate from TORONTO and you submit your PDU’s through the normal PMI procedures.

Can I earn more or less than 15 PDU’s for the mentoring program?

You can only earn 15 PDU’s for the actual Mentoring program. If you put in more than 9 hours, you still will be able to claim 9 PDU’s only.  If you put in less than 9 hours you could claim 0 (yes zero).

What time is and is not considered eligible for PDU credits?

The following activities are considered eligible for PDU’s: time spent together by both Mentor and Mentee, such as: face-to-face meetings & telephone conversation.

The following activities are not considered eligible for PDU’s; preparation work, emails, reading, attending other training or courses and traveling.

If I complete my 9 hours of contact time before the program ends, can I claim them earlier.

PDU’s will only be awarded at the end of the program. See the next question.

For which year will I be able to claim PDU’s?

The approach used by any REP (Registered Education Provider) is that course participants earn PDU’s upon the completion of the whole course.

TORONTO has created this program as a course and in order to obtain your PDUs the course must be completed. Therefore you will be eligible for 9 PDUs only after June 2019 and they can only be claimed for 2019 to 2020.

To which category do the earned PDU’s apply?

All PDU’s earned during the mentoring program are category 3 (three). A detailed list of Processes, Knowledge Areas, Program Numbers, etc. will be distributed to the program participants during the training session.

If I don’t meet the criteria for 9 hours of contact time, what can I do?

No credits will be awarded from the chapter for the mentoring program. You may be able claim some of the hours as a Self-Directed Learning activity category.


What does my fee cover?

The fee covers administrative costs associated with the program. Administration costs include training/meeting facilities catering and fees associated with participation certificates

What is the fee for the mentoring program?

The fee is $50 + GST for mentor and for mentee. Credit card payment is preferred and facilities will be provided for online payment thru the TORONTO PMI web site.

Why is the fee the same for Mentors and Mentee?

The fee is $50 + GST for mentors and for mentees, the fee is to cover training and administration.  Feedback from previous programs indicates equal value is received from the program by mentors and mentees.

Who pays the fee?

Only those mentors and mentees that are matched and have signed the participation agreement are charged the fee.

Can I get my money back?

Your fee will not be taken until you have been accepted into the program and have received a notification and information about your partner for the program. Your money will NOT be refunded after the mentor/mentee training session has occurred.

Mentor Mentee Matches

Can I continue my current mentor/mentee relationship for a second term?

Due to the limited number of spots available, all interested must reapply to participate in the program. If the mentor/mentee relationship continues outside the program, a PMP should review his or her mentor/mentee activities to establish if additional PDU’s can be claimed under Category 2 Self-directed Learning Activities.

How many mentor/mentee pairs are allowed in the program?

The previous programs had 12 and 20 pairs. Our target is 30 pairs.

How will the mentor/mentee pairs be chosen?

Generally they will be chosen on a best match basis. However, the logistics of matching may mean that even if your application was #1 and no appropriate match was found then you would not be paired. The general concept for matching is experience, industry, professional specialization, mentoring preferences, location proximity and variety of less important considerations.

What if I don’t get a match?

You will be put on a waiting list in case somebody drops from the program or, if this does not happen, you will need to reapply for the next year program.

How many mentees will be assigned to a mentor?

Our plan is that one mentee will be assigned per mentor.

What if my mentor/mentee and I don’t get along?

It is expected that both mentors & mentees will put forth their best efforts to create a positive relationship. If these efforts are unsuccessful contact the Mentoring Coordinator.

What are the “two most important criteria” referred to on the application list?

These criteria/preferences are used to assist in the matching of mentor to mentee. 

  1. Specific industry or type of organization
  2. Specific issues you would like to emphasize as a mentoring topics
Why do you need my resume?

Best practices indicate that a good match is part of a successful mentoring program. The more information we have regarding the background of participants, the better the match. As part of the matching process, the Mentoring Coordinator will review the resumes of both the mentor and mentee.

Will my resume be treated as confidential?

Your resume will initially only be seen by the Mentoring Coordinator.  Once paired, and mentor and mentee have signed the Mentor/Mentee Participation Agreement (which includes a confidentiality clause) only then will your resume be shared with your matched mentor/mentee. In any case, your resume will be viewed by the Mentoring Coordinator and your match ONLY.

Do I still need to re-send my resume if I have already joined the program previously? (some people think we already have their old resume in our database, therefore they don't need to send again.)

Yes, your most updated resume is requested for a better matching result.

Further Information?

Who can I contact for further info? PMI Toronto Chapter Office (416) 381-4058 or E-mail to