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2018-2020 PMI Toronto Elections
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Voting Instructions and Candidate Information for Election of Directors

As a member of the PMI Toronto Chapter, you have the privilege of voting for the six open positions on the Board of Directors, each of which carries a two-year term.

New this year, each candidate has been asked to provide a Candidate Statement to outline why they want to serve on YOUR Board of Directors. They have also provided a brief biography and their photo is provided for your reference.

We encourage you to take the time to carefully and thoroughly read about each candidate before you make your final selections. Voting is an important part of your membership and we encourage you to carefully make your selections to the six new board members to join our returning board members:
Marc Blanchette
Mitchell Fong
Jesus Lagunas
Bola Otaraki
Steve Wong

Voting closes May 16, 2018 at 5:00 pm EDT.

Thank you!

Meet our Candidates

Simi Ahluwalia, PMP
After completing a two-year term as Secretary Treasurer, my goal is to run for the position of President and establish a closer relationship with chapter members by providing a unique experience that is personalized to each individual.

This would be accomplished through a customized suite of products and services which would have a direct reflection on member value...regardless of where each member is within their affiliation in the Project Management profession.

Over the last 40 years the Board has learned a lot from its members and should leverage those learnings to improve the members’ experience. My vision is to leverage those learning as well as the experience of our members to develop and improve the Project Management community as a whole.

With over 15 years of experience in implementing best practices towards project, program and portfolio management in a variety of industries, I’ve been successful in leading organizations through strategic change initiatives with complexities spanning across multiple business streams and information systems. I currently extend my expertise in the financial services industry as an independent consultant specializing in Program Management, Business Transformation, Process Re-Engineering and Automation.

Leading to my current role as Secretary Treasurer, I’ve been volunteering with PMI Toronto Chapter for nearly 10 years. After playing a key role in establishing the Marketing and Communication Committee in 2010, I became VP of Marketing in 2012 and then called to the Board of Directors in 2014 as Director of Public Relations with accountability towards all chapter communication and brand management.

In 2016 I was re-elected to the Board of Directors and now completing a 2-year term as Secretary Treasurer for the Chapter. In this role I’ve acted as primary consultant and liaised with PMI as well as neighboring chapter leaders to ensure PMI Toronto is strategically aligned at a global scale. My contributions to the chapter during this period also includes rebranding the chapter to PMI Toronto and updating the chapter bi-laws which are in place today.

Having a long history with the chapter combined with my professional experience allows me to lead with a strategic lens and ensure a short and long-term goals exist to provide member value and increased visibility of the Project Management profession.

Joseph Fernandes, PMP

I want to continue making a difference, and as a Director again, would like to implement new ideas to develop strong partnerships that promote the Chapter and the profession. Great value would be provided by applying the experiences I gained in 2017/18 in creating programs to outreach to corporations and institutions in the GTA, specifically to increase Chapter branding and social attachments that will in turn support our members career aspirations and needs. I also want to offer insights and experience in other areas too. The 2015/17 Board member opportunity allowed me to contribute to the Chapter's strategic objectives, first as a Director for the Technology Portfolio and then for Public Relations Portfolio. In those two years, I led teams in the roll-out of programs like Help Desk, OpenMIC, promoted and marketed Chapter and Branch events, produced video vignettes and a new banner for the Chapter, updated marketing collateral and provided recommendations on design and content for webpages. I really engaged as such, because I am truly passionate about advancing the project management profession and continually improving the value the Chapter provides, and I believe that I have so much more to give. My strengths include being a strategic thinker, communicator, leader and I demonstrated this and my emotional intelligence in building relationships and enabling people. And I am child-like when I 'kick it', and strive to continuously learn and apply the lessons while having fun.

Joe spent the last 11 years immersed in project management and is currently a Project Manager and a Scrum Master with the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. He is proud to have been a Project Manager in different sectors and industries, with BMO, ADP Canada, Toronto 2015 Games, Intact Financials and the Ontario government. He is a long time Torontonian and has spent years in the world of non-profit, as a speaker and leader in Toastmasters International, then in project management. He adheres to the maxim 'people give to people, not causes' and has been part of the PMI family since getting his PMP in 2007, as a volunteer for its Community of Practice and the Chapter for over a decade. He also served as a mentor in its Career Mentoring program for the last 7 years, and as a member of a Credit Union Board for 4 years. Joe received his BSc in Psychology, which started his love for working with and helping people, then attained certificates in Adult Education and Human Resource Management. He also had the pleasure of serving as President for PM Toastmasters Clubs that he founded and led in 2011, for which he was awarded the Ontario Public Service Spirits award. His passion took him to teaching project management at community colleges after that. For over 10 consecutive years, Joe has participated in PMI events, local and international, as a participant, speaker, mentor or volunteer, which have enrichened his experiences and enabled the development of relationships in the community.

Robert Hanimyan, PMP
I am honoured to be nominated for consideration for the PMI Toronto Chapter Board of Directors. 

I am interested in serving on the Board to continue building relationships and advocating on the benefits of PMI membership and Project Management Professionals. I am committed to promoting and supporting the benefits of PMI, increasing awareness through volunteer and leadership events, and assisting the growth and personal development of new and long time certified members alike.

Robert Hanimyan obtained his Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Toronto, is a PMP and certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with 20 years of experience in Operational Excellence and Business Consulting. Over his career Rob has led National Programs focused on Operational Quality Metrics, Business Process Management, and Employee Engagement. 

Rob has been volunteering with the PMI Toronto Chapter, Outreach Portfolio since the beginning of 2017, and currently serves as VP of Outreach. In this portfolio, Rob has been working with the team on developing new and creative ways of building relationships with corporations for the advocacy of Project Management. 

As owner of Empowering Employees Consulting, Rob specializes in enabling transformational culture shifts in organizations through employee engagement, and empowering employees to make a difference in the workplace.

Tony Josevski, PMP
I believe strongly in helping others and giving back to the community, and have been active in many volunteer organizations including: Ryerson University Business Alumni Association, Pickering Hockey Association, School Community Councils and PMI. 

In every volunteer opportunity, my driving purpose is always 'whatever we do, it must provide value to our members'. For the last two years, I have led a dedicated team of volunteers within the Professional Development portfolio, delivering successful programs including PMP Prep sessions, Evening Events, Mentoring and Webinars. I am always striving to mentor my volunteers and provide them with leadership opportunities. 

If re-elected, my vision and objectives for the chapter includes:
• Continuous improvement and expansion of Professional Development opportunities; such as networking and mentorship.
• Raising the profile and value of project management within the business community.
• Increased networking opportunities for our members.

Tony is a senior consultant with 20 years of extensive experience in project and program management. He has taken leadership roles on strategic, integration and optimization projects.
Throughout his career, Tony has worked with different sectors; including financial, retail, public, manufacturing, and media. While starting his career with IT, he has shifted his emphasis to project recovery, business strategy and stakeholder management. 

He is a passionate practitioner who thrives on continuous learning opportunities and sharing knowledge amongst colleagues. Tony believes that every opportunity is a chance to make a difference at work and in life in general.

He started as a volunteer for PMI Toronto over 5 years ago in the Corporate Outreach portfolio and is currently a member of the Board of Directors, leading the Professional Development portfolio. Prior to volunteering with PMI Toronto, Tony held leadership roles as a member of the Board of Directors at the Durham Highlands Chapter of PMI for 7 years. 

His passions outside of work include travel, blogging, woodworking and photography with his boys.

Karla Klein, PMP
As a member of the PMI Toronto Board of Directors, I will lead the effort to provide young professionals and newcomers the opportunity to gain Canadian project management experience and offer different ways to give back to our community. Leveraging on my NGO and government experience, I will develop a social and corporate responsibility initiative that will promote the use of project management expertise within non-profit organizations and deliver large-scale programs. For our seasoned professionals, I will seek mentorship opportunities that will facilitate contributions to the PMI knowledge base and enhance best practices for our Toronto chapter.

I will seek to understand the challenges our community encounters and will be a driver to ensure our members have the right tools at hand to be effective in the workplace. I will be an advocate for innovation and will champion proven techniques that will propel our members to a gold-standard within the PMI global community. 

Project management is more than holding people on task and to a schedule, it's about transforming how people think about the work they do. Project Managers are change agents, and I'm on a mission to help project managers hone their skillset so they can have a positive impact in the workplace, and be seen as effective communicators, thinkers and leaders. 

Be grateful. Be healthy. Be the change.

Karla Klein is a Program and Project Management Consultant who helps companies meet their goals through collaborative project delivery. When she graduated university, like many of us, she had to learn about how to be effective in the workplace. There is no manual that tells us what to say, how to think, or act in a way to add value. Over the past two decades of her career, she has dedicated herself to learning and mentoring others to be leaders. Having worked alongside top executives in the private and public sectors, she learned how to build collaborative teams and provides them with the right tools that enables them to transform complex ideas into action plans. 

Karla holds a servant-leadership philosophy, putting people first and investing in their careers. She seeks to understand the challenges that face organizations and delivers solutions that don't just fix a problem but rather resolve the underlying root cause. She attributes her career successes to her adopted tenets: 1. feel gratitude when people challenge your thinking, it shows passion; 2. physical health is inextricably linked to mental health; and, 3. embrace change, don't resist it. But there are four things that Karla believes in above all else: people, education, volunteering, and innovation. When she's not "geeking out" with the latest technologies, you can find her with a hard-hat on at a Habitat for Humanity build site.

Winnie Liem, PMP
As a current board member and a proven strategic leader within PMI, I plan to lead the chapter in enhancing existing and developing new capabilities, while maintaining chapter core values, which include: Project Management Impact, Building Communities and Member Engagement.
In a city and age of disruptive technologies and competing priorities, the chapter can forge ahead as an entity that professionals hold in high regard for its strengths in "Imparting Knowledge", providing "Exceptional Networking" and creating "Career Defining Moments".
My vision is to lead the chapter in new areas of growth in its (1) Membership (2) Partnerships, while exploring (3) New emerging markets for the profession. For membership, the focus needs to be on Next Generation PMs while ensuring experienced PMs continue to find value. For partnerships, building on our membership goals, the chapter must focus more effort on outreach to corporations and to academia to fulfill the duo role to promote awareness and to gain valuable market insights that will drive our program offerings. For Next Gen PMs, the chapter will partner in their learning and certification while maximizing their strengths in being adaptive and technology savvy. In terms of new technologies/markets, my endeavor is to be that bold leader that moves PMI Toronto ahead of the curve by recognizing opportunities and venture into new territories of growth as demonstrated by my past accomplishments.

Winnie is a strategic and visionary leader who has promoted excellence as a Board of Director and Volunteer for PMI since 2012.

Professionally, Winnie’s career spans 15+ years working as a Portfolio and Program Manager in the Ontario Government, providing leadership and managing a billion-dollar portfolio. Her professional strengths are in strategic leadership, coaching teams, and building partnerships across the enterprise.

As a PMI volunteer, Winnie began in 2012 as the Community Manager for the Government Community, where she grew the community from 1600 to 16,000 members.

In 2013, Winnie was chosen to be a lead on PMI’s digital transformation which resulted in PMI’s successful acquisition of - the new online platform for community and networking.

In 2014, Winnie shifted her focus to the chapter and began building community and leading the development of chapter programming as the Government Community Chair. In 2016 as the Director of Communities, Winnie launched the new Construction Community and saw a record year, evidenced by increased attendance and fueling new membership growth in industries. 

This year, Winnie shifted to focus on Chapter volunteers, as the strength of the Chapter is built on its volunteers. In just a short period of time, Winnie has increased volunteer value and engagement by mapping volunteer career progression paths and finding more ways to reward and increase the value proposition for chapter volunteers.

Susan McIsaac, PMP
It is my honour to put my name forward for consideration as a Board Member for the 2018 PMI Toronto Chapter elections. I have been a Chapter member since 2008 and I believe it is time give back and serve the PMI Toronto Chapter project management community that has been so instrumental to my professional growth.
I am passionate about project management. It is my chosen profession and I half joke that it's in my DNA! I have discovered the more I practice project management, the more I want to learn about it, and the more I want to share my knowledge. It is this passion for the profession combined with my interest to help shape the vision, mission and objectives of the Chapter that inspired me to run for the Board. I want to work on behalf of the members to provide them with a wide variety of opportunities to grow, develop and practice their skills to meet the needs of an evolving marketplace. 
I believe the profession is changing and the PMI Toronto Board is integral to growing the profession. I want to be a part of this growth and believe my unique voice and experience will be an asset to the Board and will bring a fresh perspective that will serve the PMI Toronto Chapter. 

Susan started her career as an accidental project manager working in conference, event and facilities management before she transitioned into full time project management. In the last 14 years, she has held progressively more senior positions in project and program management with a specialization in setting up Project Management Offices. Susan has a diverse background having worked in various sectors such as Association Management, the Public Sector and Executive Education with a focus on business and digital transformation initiatives. She is a change agent who excels at taking on new roles designed to help organizations adopt and adapt project management best practises and achieve their project and strategic objectives.

Susan has a love of learning. She achieved her PMP in addition to a Masters Certificate in Project Management, Advanced Project Management Certificate, Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, ITIL v3 Foundation Certificate and is working her Certified Change Agent designation. It was her love of learning and knowledge sharing that drew her to volunteer with the PMI Toronto - PMO Branch where she held the position of Portfolio Director, Program & Operations. During her tenure, Susan worked with a dedicated team of volunteers to put on 9 events which were all well received. Susan's new role is VP, Branches & Communities where she is providing support and guidance to promote professional development opportunities for Chapter members.

Parveen Nath, PMP
I have managed portfolio and programs in a broad range of industry sectors. I have also spent over 15 years as a volunteer giving back to various communities - DRIE, PMI, TechConnex, etc.

Based on my experience in the market and as a volunteer my objective on the board is to lead the board and ensue collectively we meet/exceed the PMI TOR strategic goals. During the current period I would like the PMI TOR chapter to go back to the 'basics'. We have made delivering value to our stakeholders to complex and need to establish clear vision, mission and values which align with PMI ORG and the needs of our stakeholders in the current market.

Parveen Nath founder and Managing Director of PPM Savvy. As a Managing Director, he is recognized as a strategic visionary, an effective decision maker and a leader in large transformational initiatives. It is Parveen Nath's leadership that government departments, financial & insurance institutions, and health networks have successfully relied on building teams which deliver successful results in a cost effective and timely manner.

A graduate of the University of Windsor, a Project Management Institute, and ITIL certified professional, Parveen has honed his executive management skills from the ground up. First as a member of a project team, to a Senior Management Consultant, then as a Senior Business Manager of large initiatives spread over various industries across the globe and finally as the man who now directs teams in delivering business results. Best practices are at the heart of any successful project, and while industry best practices may be taught in classrooms, Parveen is in demand as a skilled trail-blazer who has developed a roadmap to the successful delivery of the project's conclusion, based on best practices he has developed by experience.

Having worked many years in challenging and complex environments with demanding timelines and deliverables, Mr. Nath is recognized by clients for his superior relationship-management, problem-solving, communication and negotiation skills. He has managed portfolio and programs in a broad range of industry sectors. 

Victoria Nguyen, PMP
Motivated by giving back to the community and to my profession, I am seeking board opportunities in the not-for-profit sector. I regularly contribute to various thought leadership forums to benefit or promote innovation, methodologies and practice. My board aspirations are to enhance the members' experience through consistent delivery of valued programs, strengthen the chapter's brand while increasing its reach through strategic affiliations and create an innovative volunteer network that is committed to promoting the practice. I am confident that my experiences, both professionally and on a volunteer basis, and ability to leverage my extensive network, would be a valued asset to the board. I am well regarded by my peers and teams of delivery practitioners. 

I am an active advocate for Inclusion & Diversity, Women in Leadership - Corporate chapter, Visible Minority and Mentoring programs within TD Bank. I have also led key fundraising events for United Way, Heart & Stroke Foundation, Second Harvest and other local charities. Through my perseverance and network, I have consistently met or exceeded fundraising objectives while having fun with my team of volunteers. Last and most dear to my heart is the PMI Toronto's Mentorship Program where I have been involved as the Lead Coordinator for 5 years and also participated as a mentee/mentor on many occasions.

Victoria Nguyen is Vice President, Enterprise Project Delivery Excellence at TD Bank Financial Group. Based in Canada, I am responsible for leading complex, pan-enterprise delivery of the bank's major initiatives including strategic and regulatory programs.

I have led key business initiatives, transformations and corporate restructuring in the financial services industry for over 20 years. Currently, I lead the Risk Marketplace strategy as part of the overall Delivery Transformation for TD Bank. Prior to that, I was accountable for delivering the General Insurance Platform Stack ("GPS") for TD Insurance. The GPS program was essential to enhancing the customer and employee experience through re-engineered products, processes, digitalization and data analytics positioning the business for strong profitable growth.

Prior to joining TD Bank, I was an independent management consultant and entrepreneur for over 15 years. Notable accomplishments include leading two of North America's largest financial services merger-integrations, a global business operation transformation, outsourcing/replacing legacy systems and a number of corporate restructuring initiatives. I am instrumental in leveraging leading delivery approaches and applying them in the appropriate context to achieve business goals. These include traditional project/program/portfolio management, Agile frameworks (Scrum, LSS & SAFe) and Lean Six Sigma. 

Ali Pandidan, PMP
Like many other civil engineering graduates, I started my career as a junior site supervisor. Along the way I realized there is much more than just design and execution to a project, so I decided to continue my studies through a Project Management Master program and that was how my PM journey started in 2006.

When I came to Toronto, PMI-SOC was my first destination, since I believed this was the community I belonged to and started volunteering for Public Relation Portfolio. During this period, I worked as PM for different projects, most important of which was the Video Vignette; a project aimed at producing a series of videos to promote the chapter and its mission. I had a challenging opportunity to provide directions to a team of enthusiastic volunteers, a joyful experience which later made me a nominee for the Chapter's "Outstanding Volunteer Contribution" award.

The best and most significant value I have found in volunteering for PMI TORONTO was challenging my PM knowledge and working with other volunteers. I believe I have new ideas which can add value to the chapter, bring more productivity and create enjoyable experiences for volunteers. I believe that I can serve the members with dependability, integrity, and distinction.

I was once a newcomer to Canada and PMI TORONTO welcomed me and gave me an opportunity to find my way around and now I am truly interested in giving back while engaging and contributing to Chapter success.

Project Management MSc. with civil engineering background, Ali Pandidan has extensive experience in providing project management services in a variety of projects from ICI construction to oil and gas.
Owing to his leadership skills and analytical mind, he has collaborated on strategic projects both at the organization and project level. In his 5 years of experience as Head of Project Planning & Control in the South Pars Gas Field project (the world's largest known gas field), Ali successfully led an organizational restructuring project in Petro Gohar Farasahel Kish. Ali also developed several organizational procedures for Dana Energy Company and led a team of professionals to implement a new ERP for the company's high-end project.

Ali has strong communication skills in Farsi, English, Spanish & Italian. For 3 years he worked as a project manager for the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities in Bam Citadel, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The project objective was seismic improvement of a historical monument which was inaugurated in 2011 with great success.
Ali has demonstrated experience as a Teacher's Assistant at Shahid Beheshti University in its Project Management Program. He is currently Co-Chair of the Program Advisory Committee for the Construction Management Program of Lambton College.
Ali is now working for Black & McDonald in the TTC subway extension project. He plays a key role both as a hands on construction superintendent and a PM professional.

Vasilj Petrovic, PMP
I will strive to make my PMI Toronto Chapter more relevant locally and globally. 
I will focus on the needs of the diverse Toronto Chapter project management practitioners and stakeholders, including branches, Registered Education Providers (REPs), educational institutions, businesses, governments, communities, corporations, and other organizations. 
I will aim to increase the participation level of member volunteers. 
I will develop alliances and improve cooperation with the Toronto GTA local professional organizations such as Professional Engineers of Ontario.
I will develop corporate level relationships and partnerships that provide organizations with access to project management educational resources and trainings. 
I will increase sponsorship revenues which will provide funds for the professional development programs.
I will lead my Toronto Chapter to provide to its members superior project management knowledge, networking, professional development and volunteering opportunities. 

Vasilj is a Program and Project Management consultant, with over thirty years of experience in managing multimillion projects across five continents. His recent engagements include: GTAA - Toronto Pearson Airport, Rogers Communications, AESI, Hydro One and ABB. 
Vasilj is holding the following certifications:
• Professional Engineer of Ontario (P.Eng., 1993 
• Project Management Professional PMP, 1996
• Program Management Professional (PgMP), 2009 
• ITIL Foundation
• Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3)

Vasilj has been active in the PMI's Toronto Chapter since 1996 where he most recently served as Director, Communities and Branches. Over the last 2 decades Vasilj has held several senior positions in PMI virtual communities. During this time, he has presented at several PMI global congresses, leadership meetings and conferences..
Vasilj is active in his Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO) Toronto Kingsway Chapter.
He serves as the Secretary for Canada of the Tesla Memorial Society of New York.

Vasilj received the following PROFESSIONAL AWARDS: 
• 2017 Ontario Volunteer Service Award from Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration
• Order of Honour, Professional Engineers of Ontario, 2014 
• The 2012 PMI®) Community of Practice Individual Contribution of the Year Award
• Fellow of Engineers of Canada (F.E.C.), 2009
• Best PMI SIG Professional Development Program (IT&T SIG) for 2001 and 2002

Hadjira Saadaoui, PMP
I am ready! This is the main reason that motivated me to apply for the PMI Toronto board of directors. I have been volunteering for the chapter since 2014 and understood the chapter's mandate and values. My values align with those of PMI. I am ready to join this board that is positively impacting our community at large and that I deeply respect. 
I will put my leadership and good judgment skills at the service of our board.
My goal is to make Toronto Chapter mainstream for Project Management educational and consulting services for major businesses especially in healthcare and Financial sectors.
Through this role I would like to stay current with the stakeholders' issues and provide forward-thinking solutions and services.
My goal is to build a bridge that will allow businesses in our community understand the benefits of joining Toronto Chapter and will sponsor its continuous development in line with the technological and social progress.

Hadjira Saadaoui is a passionate result-oriented Project Management Professional. Her projects extend across business and technology primarily in the healthcare, financial, telecommunications, and retail industries.

Hadjira is certified PMP in good standing since 2013 and has been volunteering with PMI Toronto Chapter since 2014 where she is actively involved in teaching PMP subjects as part of the Toronto Chapter's PMP Prep Program. She also actively contributed to reaching out to businesses through the Outreach Portfolio to promote the Chapter's membership advantages.

Hadjira is fluent in English and French. She is a resourceful and innovative leader who is skilled in engaging, developing and motivating team members, mentoring volunteers and providing an inclusive environment for all stakeholders. She has a successful international professional experience in Canada, USA, Africa and Europe.

Hadjira has a Master's degree in Applied Sciences from Moncton University, an Electronics Engineering degree from Ecole Nationale Polytechnique d'Alger, and an Applied Information Technology Diploma from the Information Technology Institute (ITI) in Moncton, NB. She comes from an engineering research background where she conducted research and published in the fields of Material and Mechanical Engineering with the National Research Center in Ottawa and the European Commission research center in Italy.

Caria Wei, PMP
My vision and objectives for the Board of Directors are to:
- Embolden PMI's position as a cutting-edge leader for project management professionals
- Establish a closer, more dynamic relationship between the chapter and its members 
-Bring in more young professionals' voices; engage with them to increase member satisfaction and chapter visibility

In the next 2 years, I will strive to bridge the gap between what PMI Toronto has been and what PMI Toronto will be in the next decade. PMI Toronto requires a stronger synergy between the vital experience that senior members hold and the raw, passionate drive that the incoming generation of professionals bring.

Being the third biggest PMI chapter in the world, PMI Toronto is not only responsible, but also liable, to set the stage for the future of PMI in the years to come. The ownership for paving this part lies on the steadfast shoulders of the board; my vision will help in making this change a reality. 

Please help me to help you bring about this wind of change.

Caria Wei is respected as a high-energy, passionate leader with global experience. She has strong skills in managing cross-cultural teams to deliver intended results and to add value to her organizations.

Originally from Taiwan, Caria's international career includes roles with key project and product management, relationship building, strategic planning, and execution. She has worked in the computer software, pharmaceutical, hospitality, and hardware manufacturing industries for companies from Canada, USA, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Furthermore, Caria holds a Master of Business Administration from the Schulich School of Business. During her MBA, she was proud to be a director of the Graduate Business Council, serving over 1200 graduate program students. 

Caria is PMP certified with the Project Management Institute and is also a Scrum Master certified professional through

As a member of PMI Toronto, she has served as a volunteer for the Media and Marketing Portfolio. Her experience has given her insight on how to further grow PMI Toronto's membership base. 

She works well under pressure, can meet aggressive deadlines, and is skilled in dealing with multiple and diverse stakeholders. Caria's dedication and vision will allow her to contribute significantly to PMI Toronto's ongoing legacy.


If you did not receive your election ballot, please email

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