Request for Proposal

PMI Toronto's Professional Development Meetings/ Workshops/Seminars program

PMI Toronto is interested in receiving proposals for next year's professional development cycle. The proposals we are looking for include evening presentations, lunch 'n learn meetings, breakfast meetings, webinars, half-day (four hours), one day, two days, three days or longer. The day, for the purpose of this RFP for full-day workshops consists of 7 to 8 hours of the training time.

The professional development cycle starts on August 1st of every year and continues until June 30th of the following year. The programs identifications and calendar of activities building starts in May of every year.

PMI Toronto has completed the revision and upgrade of its forms, used to collect speakers’ proposals. Going forward, these forms (Speaker Form and RFP set for workshops) will be used as the only input to identify and select potential speakers for all PMI Toronto events, including communities/branches. A Speaker database has been created and populated with speakers’ data going back to 2009.

The Speaker form must be completed by any potential speaker, who is proposing to present at any of PMI Toronto events (e.g. evening events, lunch/breakfast sessions, webinars, community events, continued education sessions, multi-day workshops). The form contains instructions on how to fill it, is self-explanatory and is easy to use. Potential speakers will be able to download the form, complete it and send it back to PMI Toronto office.

The RFP set of documents for workshops (any event from ½ day and longer will need to follow the RFP process) contains in addition to the Speaker form, the RFP requirements and RFP Financial proposal. The RFP responses evaluation process has been modified as well, to provide a more robust way to select the right service provider.

The chapter is looking for speaking proposals for all events.

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