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Member of the Month - Hitomi Mochizuki

Member of the Month

About Myself

I arrived in Canada on December 25th, 2014 after the long flight from Japan. This was my first day in Canada. Since then, I graduated 2 post-graduate programs, re-started my career, and finally became a permanent resident of Canada. Since I started the Project Management program at Humber College, I am passionate about project management in my career. Even though I had some project management experience in Japan, the knowledge and skills I gained throughout the program gave me new insights and passion to pursue in my current/future career.

Current Occupation

Associate Program Manager at Advantage Group International, Inc.

Experience and Education

I have a bachelor’s degree in International Politics and Economics from Nishogakusha University in Tokyo, Japan. I also have two post-graduate certificates in International Business Management at Georgian College and in Project Management at Humber College. I am a PMP since August 2017, a certified Scrum Master since June 2019, and SAFe 4 Scrum Master since March 2020.

My career started as a sales representative leader at Adecco Ltd. in Japan. I managed several staffing-related to services as well as some outsourcing projects. I also have experience as a project coordinator in the public sector and as a program manager coordinating FMCG research programs.

Why did I join PMI Toronto Chapter

I joined PMI Toronto chapter because I wanted to meet new people and place where I can brush up my knowledge regarding project management. Since I joined the Toronto Chapter, I have had opportunities to meet with many professionals who fell in love with project management and had a great deal of experience. In addition, I have been working as a volunteer and event coordinator, at PMI Toronto chapter on the Continuing Education portfolio since October 2018. I got this opportunity because one of my Chapter friends kindly introduced me to the chair of the portfolio. I am enjoying this opportunity and always appreciate other team members since they give me a chance to contribute to this chapter in so many ways. Interacting with PMI Toronto chapter members is always fun and there is always a chance to learn something new.

PMI Member since:  November 2016

Why did I obtain my PMP certification

With my project management experience in Japan and after I completed an intense and tough project management program successfully at Humber college, there was no reason for me not to take on the challenge of obtaining a PMP certificate. The process of studying for the exam was my own project which I had to manage well. Also, I wanted a PMP certificate because it is now a necessary pass to jumping into project management work in any industry.

Greatest learning from PMP/CAPM

I am a continuing learner not only in project management things but also in life. I have realized how important and invaluable continuing learning was for both personal and professional development since becoming a project manager. Brushing up and developing knowledge and skill is something all PMs are required to do and passing the PMP exam is not the endpoint of that. Keep Learning about project management is interesting and it helps me to manage a project effectively in real-life situations.

More About Me

Work Passions:  Project Management, International Business and Continuous Professional Development

Personal Passions:  Workout; swimming, boxing, yoga, running…I have been working out for more than 12 years, 3 – 5 days a week constantly.

Something interesting about me:  I love black coffee and chocolates!

Contact Information:  hitomi.m490@gmail.com

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