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Member of the Month - Iuliana Ilie

Member of the Month

About myself

I am passionate about the practice of business analysis and project management. Making lists, documenting requirements and ensuring everything that happens in a project is properly documented according to the company’s processes make me happy. With experience as both PM and BA, I cannot say which one is more satisfying. I have chosen to be a BA because it gives me an opportunity to understand the business better and allows me to make better recommendations in terms of vision and customer experience. When I put on the PM lenses my PMP is useful as I can refer to “the book” (PMBOK) when making suggestions. That happens quite often as I enjoy stepping in to review risks and address concerns.

Current Occupation

I am the lead Business Analyst on the Air Canada credit cards project at TD.

Experience and Education

I have over 10 years of experience in Project management, as a PM and a BA leading technology implementation and digital transformation in finance. At TD I have been part of the project that released the first fully online mortgage application app, the Future Ready transformation of branches, among other things. I have a Bachelor’s Degree and I am a PMP, CSM, and have a diploma in Business Analysis from the University of Toronto.

Why did I join PMI Toronto Chapter

Mainly Networking. I was interested in a career in business analysis and found the BA Community events were good opportunities to learn about the practice in Canada and meet other business analysts from different backgrounds.

PMI Member since:  January 2018

Why did I obtain my PMP certification

When I moved to Canada, I was trying to understand the job market and choose the direction I wanted to take in my career. Since I had a lot of experience in project management and business analysis, I did the PMP to deepen my knowledge of the practice by the book and look for a job in that direction. The preparation and the certificate have helped me get more interviews and have good conversations with other experienced PMs who were looking to share the knowledge of the practice.

Greatest learning from PMP/CAPM

I have been using the PMBOK as a reference guide at work to help project managers address challenging situations where multiple teams were having trouble synchronizing. It is important to have a book that everyone is familiar with when the company standards are not enough, and people need guidance.

More About Me

Work Passions:  The practice of business analysis, getting people together, and getting things done. 

Personal Passions:  Reading, volunteering, yoga, hiking, and beer. 

Something interesting about me:  I volunteer as the vice-chair of the BA Community at PMI Toronto, where I organize events for fellow BAs to meet, learn, and connect. I also love winter, snow, and snowshoeing.  

Contact information: iiuliana.ilie@gmail.com

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