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Member of the Month: Marion Green

Member of the Month


This October PMI Toronto would like to acknowledge and recognize a long-time member, Marion Green. As an IT professional for over 30 years Marion found time to support and attend Chapter events for over a decade. Please help us in congratulating Marion Green as PMIT’s Member of the Month for October.

Marion’s First Love

IT is Marion’s first love. Over a 30-year career she held roles as a software developer, operations and application support analyst, team and project lead, IT team supervisor, and manager. She really did it all and loved what she was doing. She describes that some of these roles had her “project managing various initiatives, from evaluation of hardware and software, liaising between various groups, and managing business-related transitions.”

So, what does Marion love most about IT? Having the opportunity to integrate project management methodologies into IT based projects allowed her to bring structure and standards to the final deliverables all while managing teams and their performance. Her accomplishments in the industry were because she enjoyed being a part of bringing together great projects.

With so much to be proud of Marion does say how pleased she is to be able to help develop and deliver a patch management strategy to the enterprise. She supervised a team that drove all the systems patching activities. She explains, “we were especially successful delivering patch management leadership during the global IT threat known as meltdown/spectre.” This was a threat that affected the hardware, software, and firmware of thousands of devices in the organization.

She’s also proud to have led teams that delivered customized automated monitoring software.

This software detected issues with the operation of the various critical applications that were running in the organization. It alerted the Technical Operations Centre and application support teams to take remedial actions—including software or configuration modifications.

One of Marion’s lessons learned is that having a happy and well-managed team produces great results. In part this means having good communication and trust. Once this is achieved the possibilities to success are endless.

PMI Member for the Long Haul

Joining PMI Toronto offers great benefits to its members. Marion explains that the breadth and depth of knowledge provided to members from all the resources and individuals give members ample opportunities to grow their skills and learn.

Marion Green holds a PMP certification and says the PMBOK has been a vital resource throughout her career.

More About Marion Green

Marion is trustworthy, tenacious, and analytical. These are all characteristics of someone who has most certainly had a successful career in IT. These are also reasons why she’s been recognized as PMIT’s Member of the Month. Her dedication to the Chapter is greatly appreciated.

Marion believes that success is having the sense of satisfaction when a plan comes together and meets all expectations. She also values happy, productive teams that enjoy their work, which will lead to successful outcomes. Overall, success is cultivating rewarding interpersonal relationships. It’s no surprise that her favourite quote also shows how everyone has a role in projects:

“There are no small parts, only small actors.” — Konstantin Stanislavski, Theatre Director.

Marion Green advises those considering a career in project management to cultivate patience.

Always try to see things from someone else’s perspective. When the going gets tough, slow down and chill. Conflict is inevitable. It’s how we manage it that is the key to overcoming it.



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