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Member of the Month - Christopher Gissane


About Myself

I like to say I found my way into project management by accident but in reality, the story is a bit more complex than that. As a scientific researcher, project management was a core component of my work however there was never any mention of it as a concept during my education and it was not explicitly defined at any time, it was just something we did; that is until I had the opportunity to step into a focused project coordinator role and worked alongside a dedicated Project Manager. That’s when I really started to realize how much I loved the work, how well my existing skillsets meshed with those required by project managers, and that I wanted more it; and as the saying goes “the rest is history.”

Current Occupation

I just completed a freelance position and am currently looking for another challenge and new opportunities! I am also volunteering as the VP of the Professional Development Portfolio at PMI Toronto Chapter.

Experience and Education

I have experience leading many projects in Academia, ICI construction, and Chemical Manufacturing including the construction of the first High Pressure Hydrogenation Research Laboratory at a Canadian University and the development of biofuels and innovative industrial effluent remediation processes. Most recently I completed a restructuring project for a Not-for-Profit organization and as an active PMI Toronto volunteer I have coordinated many events with Academia Portfolio and continue to do so with the Professional Development Portfolio.   


I have earned a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Physical Science with a minor in Chemistry and a Master of Science in Chemistry (specializing in Inorganic Chemistry & Catalysis) both from the University of Guelph, and a Certificate in Project Management from the University Of Toronto School Of Continuing Studies. I hold the CAPM certification and am qualified to be a Radiation Safety Officer.

Why did I join PMI Toronto Chapter

Even though I had being performing Project Management as part of my past roles, I had very little knowledge about the local GTA PM community; that’s where joining PMI Toronto Chapter came in. The chapter connected me with a community of like-minded professionals almost immediately and I was making professional connections and growing my network after attending a couple of chapter events. Of course the chapter is also a prime source for continuous education in the project management field and that was certainly part of my decision to join as well, but it the human connection and the professional network of over 5700 local members that was the main driving force for me joining the chapter.

I really am proud to be a part of the PMI Toronto Chapter. I want to contribute, grow, and be an active player in the project management community in Toronto. 

PMI Member since April 2018

Why did i do the PMP/CAPM certification

As a young professional and recent graduate (at the time) I needed a way to showcase my knowledge, support my experience, and stand out in Canada’s highly competitive job market. The CAPM certification was perfect for that purpose; I also saw it as another challenge to conquer. I am now in the process of completing my PMP application so hopeful I will have another certification in the coming months.

Greatest learning from PMP/CAPM

I would have to say my greatest takeaway from CAPM preparation and examination was how intertwined all of the processes and documentation that can go into a project management plan actually are. The formal education I gained in that respect has been a major benefit in enabling me to pursue Project Management as my main career focus and develop further as a professional.

More About Me

Work Passions: 

Highly interested in technology and environmental projects, avant-garde research, and all things construction.


Personal Passions: 

Automobiles, Technology, Hiking and Rock Climbing, and Carpentry to name a few.


Something interesting about me: 

I am planning some significant North American road trips for future vacations. While my list of places to visit in North America is long, some of the most notable trips requiring some serious planning include completing the Trans-Labrador Highway, the Dempster Highway to Tuktoyaktuk, NWT, the Alaskan Highway,  and of course the coast to coast Trans-Canada Highway. 

Contact information: c.gissane@bell.net ; www.linkedin.com/in/cgissane



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