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PMI Fellow Award Winner: Peter Monkhouse

PMI Global

PMI announced the Professional Award winners In October 2021. The PMI Fellow Award is the highest and most prestigious recognition. It is awarded to an individual in which the Project Management Institute recognizes someone for their service to the Institute and the project management Profession. PMI Toronto wanted to congratulate Peter Monkhouse for winning the PMI Fellow Award.




Peter has been a volunteer at PMI Toronto Chapter since 1996 and held many different roles in the Chapter such as the Director of Volunteers, Vice President of Finance, Senior Vice President and served as Chapter President from 2003-2005. Peter also worked alongside a team that created the different Branches and Communities portfolios that are in the Toronto Chapter today. Peter served on the PMI Board of Directors for six years and the Chair in 2012, followed by serving for six years on the PMI Educational Foundation Board of Directors and was the Chair in 2018. Currently, Peter is a part of the Speaker Engagement Advisory Committee for PMI’s Toronto Chapter.




Peter has been dedicated to project management for more than 25 years. He is the co-founder of NewGenP, which provides consulting and training services to organizations with a focus on the delivery strategy through products. He teaches Project Management at The University of Toronto and Ryerson University and has taught over 6,000 students.




Peter is quite passionate about project management and has co-written a book entitled Gen P: New Generation of Product Owners Who Care About Customers. The book aims to inspire the new generation of professionals to transform the ways of working and keep the customer in mind.




Peter has had many career highlights and he is proud of many different projects and teams he worked with including all the volunteers he has served with. He explains that “working with a team is the essence of project management and delivering successful projects, no one does it alone.” He still feels strongly about project management and says that “in today’s world delivering value and productivity” is what keeps him moving forward.




Please assist me in congratulating Peter on winning the PMI Fellow Award. You continue to inspire all that meet you and you are an inspiration to the project management profession.



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