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PMI Strategy 4.0: Strengthening Our Project Professional Reach

PMI Global


The Project Management Institute (PMI) continues to create positive changes for project management professionals. One of the key shifts this year has been moving from ideas and making them realities. PMI is focusing on a new way of delivering to its members—PMI 4.0.

PMI is a leader in project management and change is a reality to all PMs. In the last few years everyone has experienced uncertainty and adapted to new ways of working—we are living through a constant trend of change during the pandemic. PMI wants PMs to make their ideas a reality and the PMI 4.0 strategy aims to address the needs of our existing community and welcome in new changemakers. PMI is a “community that is strong and together, we can shape the future.”

In order to expand our project management community and make a larger impact PMI aims to do so by providing new ways to reach members and give them access to new tools and the opportunity to develop their skills. PMI 4.0 has three strategic objectives.

  1. Broaden our reach—to large numbers of new community members
  2. Extend out impact—by enabling our community with skills to drive change (check out the PMIT’s Affiliate program).
  3. Build lasting relationships—with both individuals and organizations

PMI will focus on four different areas in order to achieve its strategic objectives. First, social impact is focused on change and PMI enables changemakers to do good beyond business. The aim is to grow and strengthen relationships with such changemakers. Second, by empowering our communities of project management professionals and changemakers we will grow our outreach to external communities and deepen engagement within PMI and beyond. Next, when employers understand how impactful project management professionals and changemakers truly are they will want to invest in them for their own organizations. Finally, by developing partnerships with like-minded organizations that work to provide courses that work to enhance careers it will enable project professionals and changemakers throughout their career lifecycle.

Members and volunteers throughout the Chapters including PMI Toronto will benefit from PMI 4.0. PMI states that “by expanding our stakeholder universe, product portfolio, and organizational impact, our volunteers and community members will enjoy improved relevancy, an expanded pool of volunteer opportunities, and increased individual impact that can be derived from these expanded engagement opportunities.”

PMI Toronto is expanding its course and skill development offerings through our partnerships and PMI Affiliate program. Continue to check out our Events calendar for more exciting and informative events. We continue to broaden our reach and make an impact for our volunteers, our members, the community, and beyond.




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