PMI Toronto Committees

PMI Toronto is a member-run organization. Our various programs from our networking events, webinars, and all communications are run by the members and for the members. Our committees of volunteers make all this possible. See committees below. For volunteer opportunities visit this page and create your profile to receive notifications as roles become available.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee aims to deliver value to our members ensuring member engagement and a sense of belonging to the Project Management community. They strive to improve the member value proposition, including finding ways for member-to-member networking (in-person & virtual) and developing member benefits. In addition, they run member meetings and track member retention and satisfaction.  


Volunteer Engagement and Recruitment Committee

The Volunteer Committee aims to provide current and prospective PMIT volunteers with an inclusive and collaborative environment that nurtures cross-functional relationships and processes. As a vital operation within the Chapter, it seeks to motivate volunteers towards personal and professional growth by pursuing impactful initiatives, providing recognition where due, and with trust & accountability.


Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee aims to provide members with regular programming where Professional Development Units (PDUs) are awarded to fulfill their professional obligations in renewing the various PMI certifications. They leverage the membership, partners, volunteers, and fellow Chapters to secure speakers to deliver topical skills, information, and messages to the membership.


Marketing & Communications Committee

The Marketing & Communications Committee communicates the value of the Chapter and its initiatives to the membership and potential members. This includes managing: email communications, social media engagement, website content, and celebrating members and the Chapter publicly through its channels. The Marketing and Communications committee consists of the following subcommittees: Website, Content, Social Media & Graphics, and Newsletter which execute all aspects of the Chapter’s communications. 


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee reviews and discusses business items, creates monthly board agendas, deals with Chapter matters, and ultimately reports back to the Board of Directors. They are not empowered to make decisions on behalf of the Board and/or Chapter but rather must bring recommendations or proposals to the Board of Directors for discussion and approval. It is composed of the President, Past President, Secretary-treasurer, and Director of Finance. In the absence of a Past President by majority vote another member of the board may be elected to join the committee. Only members of the current Board of Directors may join this committee. 


Mentorship Committee

The Mentorship Committee runs programs where members can engage to be mentors and mentees. The previous mentorship program offering is under review and paused, and the committee is in the process of exploring options for a new iteration of the program.


Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee will verify the eligibility of nomination candidates and provide a shortlist of candidates to stand for election for the PMI Toronto Board of Directors. The Nominations Chair is proposed for appointment by the Executive Committee and must be approved by the Board. The Chair proposes a minimum of two members to serve on the committee. This committee is by invitation only and is formed before an election.


Social Good Committee

The Social Good Committee involves running service-orientated projects for members to have opportunities to engage in giving back to the community. The committee also is supported by the Youth and Social Impact Coordinator. This PMI-defined role reports to the Chapter President and has a broad mandate to engage youth and up-and-coming project managers. There is strong collaboration between this committee and the Training Colleges and Universities Engagement Committee due to this mandate. Youth is defined as individuals 18+ and under 35, there is no engagement permitted with those under 18 years of age.


Technology Committee

The Technology Committee is entrusted with the responsibility of providing support for all technology-related functions within the Chapter. This encompasses forging partnerships with volunteers to orchestrate virtual programs, enhancing internal infrastructure and tools that facilitate internal collaboration to optimize member program operations, and upholding strict adherence to technology governance policies.


Training Colleges and Universities Engagement Committee

The Training Colleges and Universities Engagement Committee interacts with students and educational institutions in Toronto. The committee provides regular online info sessions where students can learn about PMI, PMI Toronto, and explore the Project Management career path. These sessions are open to all schools and students - while we maintain relationships with schools and professors, PMI Toronto does not offer custom events for any one school.


PMI Toronto Branches 

PMI Toronto Branches exists to serve members in a specific geographical region outside of the core GTA where the Chapter regularly provides offerings. The current branch, PMI Toronto Northern Ontario Branch, is run by members in Sudbury with the support of PMI Toronto.