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I joined PMI Toronto in 2003 as a means to connect locally with my professional peer group. Attending chapter events and networking with my professional peer group provided me with valuable insights towards being a successful project management practitioner. Attend the chapter events and learn the lessons from the presenters; take notes and review them for later. Say hello to the person beside you at a chapter event, they are just as interested at meeting you as you are at meeting them.

Syd Carter

PMI Toronto Member since 2003

I had been in project management for many years prior to joining the PMI and I joined as it was establishing itself as the foremost authority for the project management profession. I joined the PMI in 1995, nearly 20 years ago and have been a member of the Toronto since then. As a member of the PMI, I participated in the PMI Toronto PMP Review Sessions and obtained my PMP. I also attended a number of networking events and continuing education sessions and earned PDUs. Some of the speakers were quite experienced in project management and I gained insight as my career developed. I would recommend the Toronto as a great way to network and to participate in continuing education. Marvin Finkel is the founder and principal of Matrix Management Corp., a firm with a focus on sustainability that provides real estate development project management, project consulting and advisory, including expert/impartial claims advisory to public and private sector clients.

Marvin Finkel

PMI Toronto member since 1995

I'm glad that PMI Toronto is taking steps to help internationally educated professionals in its ranks. I have generously received professional support from many organizations since I arrived 7 months ago. I've had a mentor from TRIEC thru the Mentoring Partnership Program, a professional and life coach thru the Coaching to Career Program of the Information and Communications Technology of Canada. I got my volunteer work from SAFSS. Got featured in the Toronto Star. Availed of the newcomer services of the YMCA, Welcome Center Richmond Hill, Pickering, and Markham North; and one more to help a fellow Toronto member is a welcome development. I have many stories to share. I've worked as a baker at Tim Hortons, a little over two months ago I got an offer from YMCAGTA as a Project Coordinator and just yesterday I started working at Accenture in Mississauga. There are a lot of immigrants who are overqualified and under utilized in their roles and if PMI Toronto can help bridge the gap to help IEPs secure gainful employment and get back on their career path, I am all for it. Please let me know how I can help. Again, I appreciate the gesture and thank you in advance on behalf of the to be beneficiaries of this program.

Richard Peig

New immigrant to Canada

My name is Ester Blank and I joined PMI in September 2002 (12 years). Originally, I wanted to support the project management profession advancement in Ontario and since PMI is the most prestigious organization in the discipline I thought local PMI chapters are the best way to do so. And the reason I have stayed this long with the chapter is that while PMI helps me to keep informed on all the new challenges, improvements, methodologies and news in the profession the chapter allows me to see which ones are relevant in my area of influence so I can understand how to focus my career progression. At the end my recommendations for new members are to keep in touch with the chapter so you can have a great networking gateway, a way to know what’s going on in the profession in your region and a good support for your career path.

Ester Blank

PMI Toronto member since 2002