Membership - FAQ

Most membership inquiries are handled by PMI Global, as we do not directly collect or process payment, nor verify eligibility. Please reach out to PMI Global through their FAQ and contact pages. Inquiries answered here will not receive a response from PMI Toronto as they must go through PMI Global channels.


***Inquiries answered here or in the above links will not receive a response from PMI Toronto***

How do I join PMI?

You can become a member of PMI here. To become a member of the Toronto chapter, there is an additional fee during this process.

I want to join PMI. Can you call me so I can do it over the phone?

No. You must follow the process through the PMI global site here.

I just renewed my PMI membership. Why am I receiving a message saying my Toronto membership is expiring?

PMI membership and PMI Toronto membership are two separate but closely connected things! You must be a member of PMI global first, and can add-on a PMI Toronto Chapter membership after.

It is possible you have renewed your PMI membership, but have not renewed your PMI Toronto membership. We recommend setting up auto-renewal to ensure your membership doesn’t lapse. You can manage this in your profile after login in at

What is the difference between PMI Global and PMI Toronto?

PMI Global is the main certification body and professional association that maintains PMP and other project management certifications.

PMI Toronto is the local community of the PMI Global association. We are non-profit, run by dedicated volunteers, and our members are required to be members of PMI Global first. You cannot be a PMI Toronto member without being a PMI Global member.

PMI Global also administers all the exams and certifications, PMI Toronto does not schedule or run certifications or accreditations.

What is the benefit of joining the Toronto chapter?

There are multiple benefits to joining the Toronto chapter:

  • Monthly chapter events for professional development and insight on industry trends
  • Virtual and in-person networking events
  • Opportunities to gain PDUs to maintain your PMI certification(s)
  • Discounts with partnering organizations (e.g., Goodlife, Perkopolis, Certification Courses)
I joined PMI Toronto yesterday so that I could sign up for an event. When registering for the event it is showing that I’m not a member and have to pay the non member fee. Why is this?

It takes some time for PMI global to sync your membership status to our website (up to 72 hours on average). Please contact us through the form below if you need to register near a deadline.

I am deciding if I want to join the Toronto Chapter. Can I participate in a few events for Free to decide if I like it?

We hope you decide to join us at our events! There is a non-member fee to each event that we offer, you may wish to attend as a guest by paying the fee.

Are you a PMI member and have never been part of a chapter? contact us using the form below and let us know.

I joined PMI Toronto last week and my GoodLife and Perkopolis membership isn’t working.

We update these records every month. Depending on when you joined, it may take 30-45 days for these perks to become active with our partners. If it has been 45 days or longer, please contact us and we can look into it for you.

If I join the chapter can I get a mentor and help finding a job?

We have mentoring programs, you may find the details on our website. Spots are limited, and are subject to matching with a mentor.

Many members grow relationships and networks through PMI Toronto. We do not guarantee any outcome of employment or otherwise, as this is not our mission.

Event refunds?

Please see the event refund policy here.

Certifications and Credentials - FAQ

PMI Toronto partnered with ATP to bring our members discounts to certification online and classroom training - visit to access your promo code and book directly with the training partners. All support inquiries must be directed to the partner as PMI Toronto does not manage the schedules - we provide the discount and savings to you.


All certifications and renewal questions must go through PMI Global:

  • Verifying eligibility
  • Audits
  • Certification Renewals
  • Scheduling or rescheduling exams
  • Escalating testing center issues

For all of the above, please contact PMI through:


To learn more about certifications, visit: 


***Inquiries answered here or in the above links will not receive a response from PMI Toronto***



Do I need a PMI membership to take the CAPM or PMP exam?

You are not required to have a PMI membership to write the CAPM or PMP exam. However, PMI members receive discounted exam pricing.

How do I know which PMI Certification is right for me?

Please visit for a list of certifications, requirements, and content. also has a chatbot and staff that can help if your answer is not there!

How do I get my PMP?

Visit for requirements and the process. Should you want to take a prep course, PMI Toronto has relationships with PMI Authorized Training Partners where you can book a class at a discount!

Where can I take a CAPM or PMP exam prep course?

We have partners that offer these courses at a discount for PMI Toronto members. Check here for providers and course schedules.

Where do I register for the CAPM or PMP exam?

To register for the CAPM or PMP exam, you will need to create an account on For more information, see the PMI certifications available here.

Are there CAPM or PMP exam study groups?

Members often form study groups on their own, these are not run by PMI Toronto at this time. We are exploring options to put those interested in study groups in contact with each other.

If my PMI membership expires, does my PMP expire?

PMP And PMI membership are not the same. PMI and PMI Toronto memberships are renewed each year, while the PMP is on a 3 year cycle. See your account dashboard on for more details.

How do I earn PDUs?

1 hour of professional development = 1pdu. You report your PDUs on

I want to write my PMP exam. Can I sign up through the PMI Toronto office?

No, register through instructions on

How long is my PMP certification good for?

The certification schedule is set by PMI Global. Please visit for the latest information.


PDUs are granted at most of our events. Most of the time, we provide a code that can be used on profile to redeem them. Other times, you must self-report the PDUs by stating the activity and corresponding PDU claim and supporting description.

The PDUs are awarded to event attendees only and shared during the event. Please take care to capture and claim the PDU code to self-report. To maintain admin and overhead at a reasonable cost to our members, we will not be responding to inquiries about PDU codes unless there is an issue with the claim code itself. 


See the following documentation from on PDUs:


***Inquiries answered here or in the above links will not receive a response from PMI Toronto***

I want to confirm if the following course I completed in college would cover my 35hr project management requirement for the PMP certification or how many hours it would provide me. I have attached my course outline and transcript attached for your review.

We do not provide assessment of courses as we are not the approvers of PMP applications. Please contact PMI through their helpchat on

Besides attending a Chapter event what qualifies for a PDU?

Please see details on

Have you reviewed the FAQ and need to get in contact with us?