Northern Ontario Community: De-risking Digital Adoption - How to turn change skeptics into empowered change leaders?

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True, productive, lasting change comes from just one place, the intrinsic desire of a human to make change. This is important when you have an organization full of whimsical humans who need to adopt this increased desire for change.

Digital Technologies are here to stay and quickly evolve, whether its a new way of working, a move to a different set of routines, successful adoption of change only happens when the people you are depending on making that change decide for themselves that the change is beneficial to their new way of being.

In the short interactive session hosted by PMI Toronto Chapter, Northern Ontario Community Neha will use her Digital First Facilitation skills to engage and connect you to practical tips on How to influence the adoption of behaviours needed for successful project benefits realization, by converting change skeptics into empowered change leaders. This is an under the hood view of how her team at has successfully led digital adoption initiatives that make huge transformational changes with very little noise.

Learning Objectives:

Neha Singh – author of the book “Useful – A How to Guide to Digital Adoption” that educates change leaders on practical tools and workshops will help you learn:

  • Influencing the adoption of behaviours needed for successful project benefits realization
  • Risk Management for projects involving the adoption of people-specific change
  • Change Management capacity building for organizations undergoing digital change
  • The project manager’s role in the assessment & alignment with stakeholder specific benefits


6:30pm - 6:45pm | Welcome and Introductions
6:45pm - 7:30pm | Presentation by Speaker
7:30pm - 7:50pm | Moderated Session - Audience Q&A
7:50pm - 8:00pm | Closing Remarks


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Neha Singh


Neha is celebrating her 10 year anniversary as a certified PMP and the founder of a digital first lean training and digital adoption consulting firm head-quartered in Sudbury, ON, Canada focussed on helping carefully chosen Human Resource and Mining Technology Adoption teams achieve project success. Neha’s passion for digital adoption in the mining sector and giving back to the not-for-profit sector has led her to establish the Mining Technology Conference that has donated over $100,000 to non-profits all over the world since it’s inception in 2018; Neha is a fun-loving, adventurous spirit who thrives in immersing herself in the operational culture of the organizations she is helping manage change for. In addition to her fun-loving zest for life Neha believes in curiosity, clarity and candor as her top three values to live her life by.


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Date: November 18th, 2021

Hour: 6:30PM to 8:00PM

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